Instagram Roundup- outfit deets!

Hi everyone!

Today I am doing an Instagram roundup of a few outfits and accessories that I recently posted about. I figured that I haven’t posted on the blog in a while so here it goes… Enjoy! xx.


  •              Dress/Outerwear: I bought this ON SALE (woohoo!) This piece is actually a part of their “Trafaluc” (TRF) collection, which I loove. The TRF collection is more trendy and geared towards the younger population. Though of course, more mature people rock it! This piece is meant as an outerwear garment, with fringe on the front and back, but I saw it and immediately though of it as a dress. Also, I picked up those pointed booties pictured above. They have cute silver studs around the ankle strap. When I saw these booties, I had to have them… After all, they were very Saint Laurentesque! Anyways, thank you for reading my rant about how much I love Zara. The next posts will be short and sweet!

VALENTINE’S DAY Accessory details: 

Outfit Details:

Thanks for reading! Leave comments on what you want the next blog post to be about! Check out instagram at @thehausofchics. XO


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