Travel Tips

Good morning y’all!

Today I will be sharing some travel tips that I live by for summer vacations, winter holidays, and short weekend trips. Here we go…

  1. Do not procrastinate! Start packing a few days earlier than you usually would. Sometimes it’s those few extra days that help you think of what you (almost) forgot to pack, like, sunnies, socks, or even beauty essentials.
  2. O R G A N I Z E! One of my musts is using “packing cubes.” Find them online or in Target/Walmart.  When you use these handy packing cubes, ROLL your clothing. Trust me, your clothes won’t wrinkle & its waaaaay more effective.
  3. Make a check-list. Yes, these lists can be very useful (shocker?) But anyways, writing out what needs to be packed helps a ton!
  4. Always always always pack an extra reusable tote/bag. More times than not, I’ve overpacked… But thanks to my tote/bag, I can put the overload in it! It’s also handy for any carry on items that you need to take with you on the plane (or car ride).
  5. Pack headphones!! Okay… So maybe you’re not a music lover, but they do come in clutch when you’re trying to drain out some unwanted noise! Or, even when you have some down time, it’s nice to have headphones at your disposable.
  6. Pack a clutch/crossbody! If you’re anything like myself, I’m always on-the-go. So naturally, I pack a crossbody or clutch so that I can easily slip my wallet, phone, and other essentials into my bag.

Hope these tips helped! Lemme know what you think in the comments! 🙂


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